Conversion to Judaism

Judaism is among the seminal religions of the world, and is one of the first monotheistic religions.

First, understand that, like any religious conversion, converting to Judaism is a big step. Do you believe in the concept of one G-d and belive we are still awaiting the Messiah? If so, you’re part way there!

Once you have decided this is the route you wish to take, we have an active and comprehensive conversion programme. All classes are taught are “in house” generally fortnightly.

You will meet initially with both your prospective teacher and the leader of our congregation. We normally ask people to take a month or two to decide not only if they wish to convert, but to ensure Tikvah Chadasha is the right congregation for them. It is of paramount importance that if you are going to convert you do so within a congregation you feel comfortable with. Service attendance and meeting members of the congregation will quickly tell you if you are comfortable & thus if we are right for you.

Part of conversion is service attendance and we expect proselytes to attend Shabbat, Friday evening and all festival services. There is no set time for conversion, when both you and your teacher think you are ready, you will be required to attend the Beth Din, (Rabbinic Council) along with your sponsoring Rabbi.

If you are considering converting to Judaism you can contact us either by telephone on 01277-888610 or email.
There are two email addresses we can be reached on, [email protected] or via this website.