Data Protection



1. We, Tikvah Chadasha will only keep appropriate information for a specific reason.

2. We will encrypt all removable media (USB pen drives, CDs, portable drives should they be used) taken off-site or sent by post or courier.

3. We will keep our business contact list separate from our personal contact list.

4.We will destroy/shred sensitive information when not needed.

5. We will protect membership data in a responsible and secure manner (under lock and key and by password protection).

6. We will only use strong passwords i.e. using upper and lower case letters as well as numbers.

7. We acknowledge that once an email has been sent we have no control of where it may end up.

8. We will ask third parties (e.g Joint Jewish Burial Society) how they will protect sensitive information once it has been passed to them.

DATA PROTECTION POLICY – Implementation of


1. We, (Tikvah Chadasha) will not give out personal data information to individuals or corporations we do not know and even then it must be on a need to know basis (to comply with UK law)
2. We will not take personal data off site unless it is imperative to do so.

3. We will not leave USB keys containing sensitive information unattended.

4. We will not leave any sensitive data unsecured.

5. We will not keep unnecessary information regarding our membership.

6. We will not put personal information on our website or in our news letter without prior permission, as per our consent form.

7. We will not hold sensitive data regarding any of our membership without our member’s explicit permission, as per our consent form.

8. We will not make use of public wireless hotspots for access to sensitive information as they not secure.

9. We will not refuse data subjects access to their personal information.

10. We will not give passwords or allow access to user ID profiles should we ever hold them, to anyone.