On Shabbat 12th February, we were delighted to, at last return to face to face services. Zoom has been amazing and kept the community together, however, there is no doubt actually being together cannot be beaten.

Over the last couple of years whilst we have been using zoom, we had been considering moving premises. We have been very lucky to procure a lovely large, secure hall, with a smaller hall and kitchen leading directly off of it. Ideal for Beni Mitzvah.

Sdaly, a couple of key community members did not feel comfortable joining our first service, however, they hope to return in the very near future. They will be attending our communal Seder on 16th April, we will be looking forward to that.

Please see the photos of the new hall wit Rabbi David, Louis and a few of the children. Also a photo of members of the congregation, all socially distanced at the service in our new hall.

Thanks to everyone who recently attended our Chanukah celebration, it was great seeing so many of you and hopefully we will see you all in person very soon.

On Shabbat 10th July 2021, Benjamin became Bar Mitzvah. Due to COVID, Mum Nicole decided in advance,  in the interests of safety, Ben’s Bar Mitzvah would be held in her garden.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a cold wet, windy morning. However, taking into account  the temperamental English weather Nicole had already made plans for such an event and a large marquee had been erected in the garden.

Ben and Nicole had requested rather than having Rabbi David lead the service, they would like our Community leader, Natasha, a friend of Nicole for well over 30 years & known to Nicole’s 3 children, Mark, Benjamin and Charlotte as Aunty Natasha to lead the Shabbat service.

Benjamin read his Parsha and the Haftarah beautifully, with his Uncle Daniel being given the Mitzvah of reading the Haftarah blessing’s on Benjamin’s behalf. Thus, despite zoom and the rather cold, wet weather a great day was had by all.

The community wishes Benjamin and his family a hearty Mazel tov.

On Shabbat 15th May 2021, Max had his Bar mitzvah. Sadly, due to COVID restrictions, as with many other children, Max’s Bar Mitzvah was via Zoom. It was held in Grandparents, Jan & Louis’s  conservatory and  attended by Max, his parents, Grandparents and 1 sibling in person. However, the rest of the family and friends attended via zoom, in total well over 100 attendees. Max, as expected, did himself and his family proud. 

For Max’s family on his mother’s side, particularly his Granddad Louis, it was especially poignant, as Max chose to wear his Great Grandfather’s tallit. Sadly Max never actually knew his Great Granddad, known  as Poppa to all of his grandchildren, as both of his Great Granddad’s passed away in 1990.

However, whilst Max’s English full name is Max Wolf, carries the Hebrew name’s of both of his Great Granddad’s on his mother’s side, Yitzok Sholom ben Aaron (Isaac & Sidney). Max specifically requested that Mum Natasha lead his Bar Mitzvah service.

So all in all, a very special day indeed. The community wishes Max and his family a hearty Mazel tov.

The going pandemic

Whist COVID-19 has stopped us gathering together physically, ZOOM has allowed us to celebrate the main events of the Hebrew calendar. So, on Sunday 11th October, courtesy of ZOOM, we  came together, to celebrate Simchat Torah. 

Our Kallah Bereshit was Jan, Chatan Torah Louis. We could not reasonably expect Jan & Louis to dance with the Sifri Torah’s around their conservatory. However, we made the best of it, with well known Hebrew music blaring in the background, Louis sayed along in front of the open Ark. Louis then read Devarim followed by Jan reading Bereshit.

Never say Jews are not adaptable. Certainly Simchat Torah 5780 was different, but celebrated at Tikvah Chadasha nonetheless.


On a cold, wet Sunday morning 4th October 2020 founder member, previous Chair and long serving Council member, Amanda, took to the streets to run the London Marathon. As we are all aware the London Marathon is normally held in April, but was postponed due to…yep, COVID-19.This was Amanda’s first marathon, and we are all very proud of her achievement. Running a course in and around Brentwood, was a difficult task, wet muddy and Hilly! Amanda ran on behalf of the Charity, VICTA. A charity dedicated to assisting visually impaired, a cause close to Amanda’s heart.

Our community are very proud of Amanda’s achievement, and wish her a hearty muzeltov. Perhaps 2021 will see her run the route normally designated for the London Marathon. Watch this space.


Sadly, our usual Channukah celebration could not go ahead as planned this year. Nevertheless, we made the most of it with Louis devising an interesting Channukah quiz. The quiz was well attended. At the end we all lit our own Chanukkia’s. The quiz was well attended, all the children taking part received £8 national book tokens, the adults all received a cute Jewish Holiday Banking book, featured below.